Monday, November 28, 2016

Olivia's Baskets

I am so excited to finally share this pattern with you!  It has been a long and exciting process to release my very first pattern, but it is at the printers as we speak and will be arriving very shortly. However, I didn't leave you hanging - the PDF version of this pattern will be available during my Cyber Monday special!  You will also receive 20% off in my shop using the code CYBERMONDAY.

My Olivia's Baskets pattern is being released just before the arrival of my 2nd niece, Olivia.  My oldest sister is due with her first baby in just over a week! Yippee! I crafted these sweet fabric baskets for her nursery.  They are made with Soft and Stable, which offers a perfect construction, and, most importantly, a design that's safe for babies.

The baskets on the cover feature Lella Boutique's fabulous new line, Sugar Pie, that will be available in stores this March. (can hardly wait!)

Thank you for stopping by and as always thank you for your support and love! 

--xoxo Kait

Friday, November 18, 2016

Machine Quilting

I am SO excited to be offering quilting services to my quilting friends!  I have been quilting on a Gammill Statler Stitcher for about 10 years now.  I did all the machine quilting for Quilted Works for about 6 years.  Since I moved away from St. George, I have missed being able to quilt my quilts, and my bag fabric! AND NOW... I have a machine of my own!!

I feel beyond lucky and blessed to have a machine and to be able to offer services to others!  Shout out to all in my life who have supported me and believed in me to get to this point!  I love you all forever!

So if anyone has questions about machine quilting designs, pricing, batting, etc. Please send me and email at or DM me on Instagram @knotandthread Would love to help you finish your quilts!

I am working on getting a pantograph pattern library accumulated to show you more readily the patterns that I have available!  If you have a design request, I'm happy to track it down for you!

Here are just a few samples of some of the designs I have!

-xoxo Kait

Bread Basket 

Straight line 

Dizzy Izzy

Baptist Fan

Wavy lines

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hello Ollie Blog Tour

So excited to be apart of this wonderful blog hop featuring Bonnie Christine's fabric line Hello Ollie.  I feel so privileged to sew for Bonnie for Spring Market just a few months ago, as she debuted Hello Ollie for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Hopefully you got a chance to check out Lisa's beautiful post yesterday. There have been come incredible posts already from the #HelloOllieBlogTour so hope you will continue to join us!  Here is the schedule for past and future posts!

If any of you follow me it is no surprise to you that I sewed up one of Annie's fabulous designs.  Her Open Wide! pattern is one of my most favorites.  I love making it and especially find great use for these bags everyday!  I had a hard time picking which prints to use from the line (because they all are so great) here are the prints I ended up with!

I quilted these fabrics together just on my home machine with a layer of Soft and Stable between the fabric.  I quilted 3/4'' crosshatch design.  I love how it turned out.

I decided to forgo the front borders on the pattern so be able to show the beautiful swan print.  Also note that because the print on the largest bag was directional I seamed the print on at the center of the bottom of the bag so that it would be right side up on both sides of the bag.


And for there Quilt Market debut!!

It was also lovely to meet the fabulous Bonnie herself.  She is the most genuine and kind lady, and a rockstar designer!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Be sure to see what they are up to at Annie & Dot tomorrow!!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

One Hour Basket


I have been major absent from my blog for quite sometime.  But I am excited to start a new beginning.  This fall is a new beginning for so many things.. new HUSBAND, (I've been married just over 6 weeks now, the happiest of my life.) New apartment, new sewing space, new semester at school.  I have many "new" things and hoping to make blogging regularly apart of all that is new.

I am also a new "aunt" as I inherited many many nieces and nephews when I married my husband. I will also be be gaining 2 nieces this October and December from my own siblings.

I thought I would share one of my most recent projects. The "One Hour Basket" has been a favorite for awhile now.  I really love the simplicity and ease of this pattern.  Of course its fabulous that its a FREE tutorial. (All you have to do is create a profile on craftsy, super simple.) If you follow my sewing at all you know I'm crazy about Soft and Stable, so of course I used it in my baskets.  I wouldn't make one without it. So I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to sewing up these baskets with it.

I cut the fabric out just as the pattern says. I just made a couple changes with the interfacings that I used.

For the handles:

 I like to had a little interfacing into the handles for extra stability.  My most favorite is a Pellon brand.  Woven Fusible Shape-flex.  (SF101)  It is the best fusible.

For the basket:

 I cut out 2 pieces of Soft and Stable the same size as the main fabric and lining.  Then sew 1/8'' around all for sides attaching the S&S to the main fabric.  I trim out the seam allowance on the sides and bottom to about 1/8'' away from the seam.

It is very helpful to use wonder clips when sewing your corners into the bottom of the basket. As you can see the seam allowance is cut out of the bottom and the sides.  Note:  you don't need to trim the S&S from the corner seams.

IMPORTANT:  When sewing your separate lining for the basket I use 3/4''-1'' seam allowance to make the lining smaller since you are adding a little bit of bulk with the S&S. This helps to that your lining isn't so loose inside the basket.

Then as you sew the lining to the main basket you will have extra S&S in the top.  I really like leaving it around the rim of the basket.  Be sure to use your clips to keep the layers together.

I like to add 3-4 rows of topstitch about 1/8'' apart to give it cute detail and securing the S&S from popping out of the edge of the basket.

SO.. here is the result.  And I just wanted to keep making more!!  I used Sarah Jane's lovely line called Sommer.  I'm obsessed with her sweet darling prints.

Also in case you were wondering 3 of these sweet baskets fit perfectly in the Ikea Raskog carts.  (They just came out with new colors.. I keep telling myself 1 is enough, but I may be visiting my nearest Ikea in the near future!)

These baskets are the most perfect baby gift.  Simple to make and fill them up with all the baby necessities. 

Ps. do you see that cute baby bump!  I can't wait to be an auntie to this baby girl.

And for all those out there who aren't sewing for babies anymore, please don't worry.  They hold fabric just as well!!

Enjoy! I hope with all that is "NEW" in your life each day you find time to spend time to create things you love, for those you love.


Monday, September 7, 2015


Many of you may be fans of Annie, and follow her blog, and Facebook.  You are probably aware of our deep love for sweet little girl named Emma Grace.  If you haven't heard about Emma Grace yet please let me tell you about her.  

Emma Grace is the sweet daughter of a dear friend of mine, Shelly.  Shelly's mother Kathleen Starr of Starr Fabrics, has been a long time friend of Annie. They often team up and help each-other at Quilt Shows all across the country.  I met Kathleen while I worked the rounds on the Quilt Show with the ByAnnie team.  Shelly and her girls often accompanied there mom, and grandma and helped at the shows as well! We have become great friends. So you can believe that we were so sad to hear about the diagnosis of sweet Emma Grace.  This was taken from the GOFUNDME page set up for Emma Grace...

  On June 17th, 22 month old Emma of Scott Valley, CA was diagnosed with a rare and incurable condition, Cystinosis. Cystinosis is a metabolic disease that affects 500 children and young adults in the U.S. and only 2000 worldwide. The disease causes cystine crystals to build up and attack all of the body’s organs, as well as muscles, white blood cells, eyes and the central nervous system.

Emma pushing her own meds.

Shelly had contacted me to see if there was a bag that I could make for her that could hold all the meds that Emma would now have to be given each day. Of course I wanted to help in this small request. Annie graciously donated some bag making supplies and Heather of Fab Fabrics, donated the fabrics and I got sewing.  I made this bag for Shelly and Emma. It is Annie's pattern Picnic in the Park, we modified a few things to add more pockets on the lid. 

As you can see this bag holds lots of very vital mediations for Emma. We are so happy that we could offer our little bit of help to this sweet family.  Please check out the GoFund Me page and donate if you can.  ALSO, check out Annie's Newsletter for a 10% discount on all orders using the discount code EMMA.  This offer expires on Sept 14th. They are encouraging all who can to share their savings on the Go Fund me page for Emma. 

Please help Emma continue to fight!  

Also check out this cute video of the girls.  Kati who works with Annie supplied all the coloring books, crayons, and fun prizes for the girls, while Annie sewed up these darling Fetch Your Sketch art portfolios for Emma and her Sister Lilly Anna.

Emma Grace and her sister Lilly Anna

Continue following Emma's fight on Facebook through the page updated by her incredibly self-less, caring, and strong Mother of hers.

As always thanks for stopping by. And thanks for sharing your heart with this special family!

XOXO -Kait

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Design Yourself

So I started another semester of college this week.  It's been a couple years since I've been in school, so it's definitely been an adventure. My first assignment was to create a collage that tells about "Who you are."  Which I actually kind of dislike, I don't believe that what we do, or what we are interested  in really make up "who we are."  I believe we are much more than the things that happen to us, or the activities we do each day.  

Regardless.  I did manage to figure out how to incorporate some sewing and fabric into my project. I wanted to make a small quilt block to show my passion for creating, sewing, quilting... etc.  So I found one of my mini quilt patterns.  This one happens to be Rise and Shine by Camille Roskelley. I just made one of the quilt blocks instead of the whole mini. 

Of course I had to use my favorite Amy Butler fabrics scraps for the job! 

The smallest flying geese I think I have ever made.

 I wasn't planning on quilting it, but then I thought, I wouldn't want this to be incomplete.  So here goes nothing!  I quilted it with a small scrap of Soft and Stable I had laying around, which made it very stable! (I know, perfect name right!)

 I cut my binding 1.25'' wide.  Then I used an 1/8'' seam allowance. and stitched it on just like a normal quilt! 

I am a wonder clip crazy person.

 And viola... a 5'' quilt block.

Here is the completed project. I think I spent more time on my little quilt block than most students in the class spend on your whole project, AND now want to make 100 more.  

I hope you all remember you are not your story, you are really:


 and so many good qualities that will change the world.


Thursday, August 20, 2015


So... if you haven't heard already, there is a lot of hype about this little bag!  

The Stash and Dash Bag is a pattern that Annie wrote for her 2nd Annual summer sew-a-long.  It a fabulous pattern and even better... it's FREE for a limited time. So don't wait to snag a copy for yourself.  (Until Oct. 1)

I had so much fun making this bag and especially loved brushing up on some of the best bag making tips I've seen! They are all posted on Annie's blog.  If you have never made one of Annie's patterns try out this one. Then go crazy with the rest of them.  The tips presented in her blog series will help you become a #patternsbyannie master!

Pictured above are some of the tools I used while making the Stash and Dash bag.  These are bag making necessities in my opinion. I wouldn't be without them while making a bag.
  • Wonder clips
  • Stiletto
  • Pressing tool
  • Quick turn tube turner
  • Clover chalk markers (whites my favorite) 
I wanted to make a patchwork Stash and Dash, so I gathered some lovely Amy Butler Violette fabrics scraps I had laying around.  I cut 2.5'' squares and pieced them together. Then quilted lines a 1/4'' away from each seam through the layers of lining fabric and soft and stable. I love how the quilting turned out, and I especially love the colorful patchwork.

Two things to note, I did leave of the vinyl pocket on the back, and I did not make zipper pulls on my case. (I may add them later, but I haven't decided.)

As I started thinking about the next Stash and Dash Bag I would make I remembered I have bunches of quilted Soft and Stable scraps left from previous projects.  SO, I just grabbed a pre quilted piece of Soft and Stable out of my selection, and came up with this fun combination.                 

I used some fabric I had left over from a bag I had made for Sherri and Chelsi out of there new collection Bright Sun for Quilt Market. My quilted fabric wasn't quite big enough so I just adjusted the size! It's a Mini Stash and Dash.  AND I LOVE IT.

I really love how the Mini turned out!  I think i'm addicted to these bags!

So now... Here's your opportunity to win a Stash and Dash Finishing Kit for yourself. Leave a comment below on what you would store in your Stash and Dash bag and you will be entered to WIN! Winner will be selected Monday August 24!

As always thanks for stoping by! 


UPDATE! The winner is Denise, Congratulations!  Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your comments!